"Building strong, confident and civic minded young women"

Our job for the next two months is to help you prepare for an outstanding opportunity. For those of you that are first timers, this opportunity will be unique and like nothing you have experienced before. For those of you that have pageant experience, we hope to make this the best pageant of which you have ever been a part of! You will learn, laugh and dance together. You will develop strong friendships.  Our goal is to help you become the best you can be, and to be able to show others just how special you are. Your goals will include commitment, learning, integrity, punctuality and having fun. 


The pageant committee members that will work with you are here because they want to be here. We are all volunteers. We have your best interests at heart and are dedicated, caring, and willing to do whatever is necessary and reasonable to make this pageant, and your participation in it, something of which everyone will be proud to be a part of. 


This information packet is your guide to all requirements, schedules, and events that pertain to your becoming a member of the 2020 Miss Poway Court.  These forms are also available for download from the website.  Please refer to this packet and the website before calling us with questions.  This will save all of us a lot of time.  If you still have questions or concerns, you can contact pageant director Sharon Gruber.  Her phone number is (619) 823-8832 or email her at misspoway@gmail.com .  We are here to help make this a fun, positive and exciting experience for you.  Of course, more information and handouts will follow to help you stay organized and informed.  Please read and fill out all forms neatly and carefully.   


Please be on time for all rehearsals.   



*The Pageant folder.  It has important paperwork that we will go over during our meetings.

*All shoes needed for the pageant.  Opening number, suit and gown shoes.  It is important to be comfortable on stage in the shoes you will be wearing!  We strongly encourage and prefer that you wear a dress to all rehearsals.

* Water bottle and snack food for break time.


*Parents are welcome to attend any of our rehearsals; however, friends and significant others are not allowed.   No texting or talking on your cell phone while at meetings.  Please turn them off when the meeting begins*                     

*Be on time with any due dated materials* 

Good luck to all of you!!!!! 

Sharon Gruber

Miss Poway Scholarship Program, Director