Miss Poway Scholarship Program

"Building strong, confident and civic minded young women"


      The first Miss Poway Pageant was held in 1962.  The winner was Patricia Stark who was a senior at Poway High School, which was just in its second year.  The program is open to any young lady who attends or lives in a  Poway Unified School District zip code (92064, 92127, 92128, 92129 and 92131

PUSD loop),  who is not married, or a mother and between the ages of 11-23.  The Teen category of the pageant was added in 2004 and the Junior Teen in 2014, and new in 2019, Miss Pre-Teen Poway!  The pageant is sponsored by the Poway Kiwanis Club.   Over the last 58 years various service organizations in Poway have been sponsors of the pageant, those include the City of Poway, the Poway Fire Department, the Poway Rotary Club, the Poway Lions Club, the Poway Women's Club and many others.

      The goal of the current program is to find young ladies who will act as youth ambassadors to the city of Poway.  She is confident, poised, comfortable in social and civic situations and has a willingness to serve the citizens of Poway. The Miss Poway Court will meet the Mayor, all the members of the city council and most importantly, the residents of the city of Poway at the many local events.  They will shake hands, pose for many pictures and bend down and place their crown on many young girls’ heads.

      During her year of reign, Miss Poway, Miss Teen Poway, Miss Junior Teen Poway and Miss Pre-Teen Poway as well as all the princesses, will spend between 150-200 hours doing community service and personal appearances.  Some of those activities will include; The city of Poway's 4th of July Picnic, Poway City Council meetings, the city of Poway's annual Heritage parade, The Poway Rodeo, The Veteran's Day Memorial celebration, the City of Poway's Rendezvous in the Park, The Rancho Bernardo 4th of July Parade, The city of

Escondido and La Jolla's Christmas Parade, helping to build the Kiwanis Club International float for the Rose

Parade in Pasadena, volunteer at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, volunteer at the UCSD Neo-Natal

Department's "Little Grad" picnic, volunteer at the City of Poway's Easter Egg Hunt, and volunteer at various Charitable Fundraisers and Galas around San Diego.   These are just a few of the fun and rewarding activities that the Miss Poway Court participates in/at.

      The winners and contestants of the Miss Poway Program learn many valuable skills during both the preparation of the pageant and for the winners, the year of service after the pageant.  Skills that we hope the contestants/winners learn are, public speaking,  both in front of the judges (private interview)  and in front of large crowds, at the pageant.  They will learn how to write a Resume and learn interview skills during the preparation for the pageant and the judge’s interview.  They learn what to wear to an interview, what to say, how to stand, sit and speak.  A local Martial Arts Studio will provide a self defense Class.   We provide walking/stage presence training, interview training, hair and makeup tips, as well as shoe, dress and suit advice.  The girls that win then will have a year of service where these skills will come into play.  They will learn how to dress for and behave at all events as they are the youth representatives for the city.




      We, at the Miss Poway Scholarship Program,  hope that the contestants and winners have an incredible experience that will remain in their memories and heart for a lifetime.  We want them to become the leaders of tomorrow.  We want them to spend their lives in service of others.  We want them to have fun while they are doing community service.   The 9 weeks of pageant preparations is a fun time filled with learning new skills and creating new friendships.    

       The following 52 weeks of the Miss Poway Court is a year filled with friendships, community pride and service and is a year that the girls will never forget.  They will learn skills that will help them to have success in college and the workplace.  They will volunteer at events that will touch their hearts and the hearts of those they help.  They will cry, they will laugh, and they will grow into amazing young women.

    We are not sure of what the goals of the program were when it started but we have a feeling it has always been about the same thing which is supporting young women to achieve a goal, serve the community and have fun doing so.

      At the pageant the following categories are scored in order to find the winner.  Judge's interview, 50 points which is held before the actual pageant.  Getting to Know the contestant, 20 points (on stage) - a question is asked and answered on stage in business attire.  Evening Gown, 5 points (on stage) - contestants are judged on confidence, poise, gown choice, posture, etc.  Impromptu question 20 points (on stage) - questions are drawn and then answered on stage.   They will also be awarded up to 5 points for pageant rehearsal attendance which we feel is very important to the girls as it teaches commitment and responsibility to a job/organization of which they are participating in and have committed themselves to.

      In conclusion, we at the Miss Poway Scholarship Program hope that each girl has fun, learns valuable skills that they will start to use as they move into the future whether it be high school, college or the work force.  We hope they form lasting friendships with the other contestants/winners that also will last a lifetime and we hope that their memory of their pageant participation will be a fond one that they will always remember.



Sharon Gruber

Miss Poway Scholarship Program, Director

Poway Kiwanis Club, Past President 2017