RULES AND REGULATIONS

Every contestant must comply with the following rules. Failure to comply, or falsification of entry form, will result in the forfeiture of the title and crown, and

both will be transferred to the next qualified contestant, along with any and all prizes.



1.                     Miss contestants must be between the ages of 17-23 (by the end of June 2020). 

Teen contestants must be between the ages of 15-16 (by the end of June 2020).

Junior Teen contestants must be between the ages of 13-14 (by the end of June 2020). Pre-Teen contestants must be between the ages of 11-12 (by the end of June 2020)


2.                     Contestant must have been born female, must be single, never have been married or had a  marriage annulled, must not be living with a boyfriend or fiancé and must never have given birth to a child  or have been a mother, nor be currently pregnant.


3.                     Contestant must either attend a Poway Unified School or live in the following PUSD zip codes,               

                                                (92064, 92127, 92128, 92129, 92131-PUSD Area Only) and must be a United States citizen, hold a U.S.   green card or Visa (and is eligible if they are in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen and have proof the process has begun)


4.                     Contestant must not have been convicted of a crime or moral turpitude.


5.                     Contestant must not have appeared nude in any photo, movie, video, publication, website, or event and must agree not to appear in such during the year of her reign.


6              Contestants will be judged on confidence, poise, personality, and speaking ability. Competition will include personal interview (business attire), a getting to know you contestant segment (business attire), evening gown and impromptu question. Contestants will be responsible for all costs of participation.

7.                   There is no entry fee to compete, however each contestant will obtain sponsors via program ad sales to pay a sponsorship fee of $380 to help defray the costs of the pageant/ scholarship awards, and raise money for Kiwanis Foundation scholarships/charities. Any contestants bringing in ad sales of $380 or more will be paid a 10% commission on any amount earned above the $380 to help with her pageant expenses.

8.                   Title holders from other pageant systems, if they win a title at Miss Poway, must give up previous title to serve                           on the Miss Poway Court.  No duel titles.                                  


The pageant will be held on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at the

Poway Center for the Performing Arts and is sponsored by the Poway Kiwanis Club and Foundation.




** Contestants previously residing in PUSD zip codes with parent or legal guardian, but now living at an institution of higher learning, qualify as contestants of the Miss Poway Scholarship Program**